The Place Restaurant and Mojito Bar

A Miami Restaurant With Style

Don't feel like trekking far? Savor one of the top choices in South Beach, Miami restaurants and bars located right inside Beacon South Beach.

The Place has a name that's easy to remember and meals that are hard to forget. The Place offers a laid-back atmosphere, diverse menu, and first-rate service. Munch on light salads or hearty steaks on our comfortable patio or in our indoor seating area.  You can leave the necktie and high heels back in your room - we're beach casual!

Come to our South Beach Mojito Bar for a blend of the best Gulf cocktails. Get ready for a night of South Beach's famous nightlife by tasting drinks inspired by the tropical beaches and signature Gulf flavors. It's a classic taste of what our city does best, located at one of the most chic, romantic hotels in South Florida.