Hurricane Dorian

Beacon Hurricane Policy

Last updated August 29, 2019

Based on the latest forecast models by the NOAA National Hurricane Center we are most likely to expect hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall sometime this Labor Day weekend. The Beacon Hotel South  Beach is open and fully operational at this time, but we understand that you may want to change your vacation plans. Please read the below information in the event that you are planning to stay with us, are currently staying with us, or are holding a reservation for arrivals between August 29 – Sep 3, 2019:

Pre-arrival Cancellations: If you choose to cancel, you will be fully refunded with no cancellation penalties.

In-House Guests Departing Early: If you choose to depart early, you will not be charged for the “unused nights”. This includes refunds in case your reservation was prepaid.

Missed Flights and/or Delayed Arrivals: If hurricane conditions cause you to miss a flight, and/or otherwise arrive one or more days late, you will receive a full refund for any such days, or you may have the option of extending your vacation to the originally planned time, based on availability. Airline ticket holders are subject to the airlines’ policies and guidelines.

Evacuation Orders: In the event of a mandatory evacuation order, you will receive a full refund of any days for which you are unable to stay with us.

Please note that The Beacon Hotel South Beach works with online booking providers and Travel Agencies in addition to offering bookings directly through the website or our Reservations office.

If your reservation was made through an online booking provider or your Travel Agent, please contact them to initiate changes or cancellation of your booking.

For reservations made online through or our Reservations office, and you wish to change or cancel your booking, please call 305-674-8200 or message through Facebook

We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have!